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If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out our puppy application!


We do things a little differently around here...


Our proprietary, in-house training program, The FFK Training Program, is a first steps puppy training program that incorporates different principles from Puppy Culture, Empowered Breeder, and Baxter & Bella. All puppies at FFK go through our training program that focuses on crate-training, potty-training, and equipping puppies with the essential tools needed for them to fit seamlessly into their new homes.

Our puppies complete their training around 8 weeks of age and are then ready to go to their forever homes. At this point, the puppies have been actively working on crate-training, potty-training, leash training, and many other training essentials!

Tilly & Eddy's 
Spring 2022 Litter-AKC Poodles

Enola & Eddy's 
Summer 2022 Litter- F1-B Goldendoodles

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